Solidarity Singers


“Solidarity Forever” words by Ralph Chaplin

“Paz y Libertad” by José Luis Orozco

“For the Strike in Paterson”
Words, anonymous, 1913

“The Rebel Girl”
by Joe Hill, 1915

“Horses Sing None of It, ” TV Show
Host: Ralph Litwin, June 15, 2006

“The Golden Bull”
by Tom Bias

“De Colores”
Featuring Baldemar Velasquez, President,
Farm Labor Organizing Committee

“The Rich Get the Bailouts and the
Poor Get the Blame”
words by Bennet Zurofsky

“Bush Cheney Farewell”
words by Bennet Zurofsky

“God Bless Free Enterprise”
words by Walter Peterson and Dottie Gutenkauf

“We’re the Workin’ People, That’s Us!”
by Tom Bias

“Singin’ Through the Hard Times”
by Utah Phillips

“On Wisconsin!”
words by Bennet Zurofsky and Diane Beeny

“Won’t You Go Home, Dick Cheney”
words by Dottie Gutenkauf

“Foreclosure Song” by Tom Bias

“The Preacher and the Slave” words by Joe Hill

“Power in the Union”
words by Joe Hill

“The Internationale”
original French words by Eugène Pottier, music by Pierre Degeyter; New English words by Billy Bragg, “Americanized” by Dottie Gutenkauf

Eight Labor Songs to introduce
“The Triangle Fire,” an opera in one act
by Leonard Lehrman and Ellen Frankel

“Stay Out on the Line”
to the tune of “This Little Light of Mine.”
Words by the Solidarity Singers