Solidarity Singers

Videos from the Solidarity Singers’ Twentieth Anniversary Concert, November 10, 2016:


“Ain’t Gonna Mourn, Gonna Organize”
by Bennet Zurofsky

“Share the Dough”
words by Julie McCall, music by Jule Styne

“It’s a Small Wage After All”
Words by Bennet Zurofsky, Dottie Gutenkauf, Jean Romsted, and the Solidarity Singers; Music by Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman

“The Preacher and the Slave”
by Joe Hill, 1911

“This Land Is Your Land”
by Woody Guthrie

“Have You Been to Jail for Justice?”
by Anne Feeney

“Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Hold On!”
Words and music: Traditional

“Do It Now!”
words by anonymous environmentalists; music: “Bella Ciao.”

“Soon and Very Soon”
Music by Andrae Crouch; words by the San Francisco Labor Chorus and Solidarity Singers

“Song for Michael Brown”
Words by Vicki Ryder, adapted by the Solidarity Singers; Music: “The Water is Wide.”

What Shall We Do with the Fast Food Bosses?”
Words by the $15 Now Movement, adapted by the Solidarity Singers; Music: “What Shall We Do with a Drunken Sailor?”

“The Foreclosure Song”
by Tom Bias

"Peace Rap 101"
by Diane Beeny

"My Rainbow Race"
by Pete Seeger

“Solidarity Forever”
Words by Ralph Chaplin, 1915; Music: “John Brown’s Body”

“Insist Resist Persist”
Words and Music by Bennet Zurofsky, 2017

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